Wednesday, October 28, 2015

4th Grade Haunted Houses

4th grade students did an awesome job finishing up these haunted houses. We began with tints to create concentric circles, added trees, and designed a spooky house. The goal was to be able to do this without details from Halloween.

2nd Grade Abstract Monsters

6th Grade Fall Sculptures

Monday, October 19, 2015

6th grade students chose a symbol for fall as the subject of their individual Zentangles. To finish watercolors were added using either warm or cool colors to the symbol.

5th grade students were asked to choose a symbol for fall. They began painting using 2 primary colors, 1 secondary and 2 intermediate colors. Tints, tones, and shades were used within the background. 

4th grade leaf prints were created with watercolors and real leaves. During this lesson we compared organic/abstract shapes with geometric shapes.

3rd grade students used real leaves to create these leaf print paintings. We added textured backgrounds with either the warm or cool colors. We lastly added detail to the leaves with colored pencils. This always a favorite for the students!!

Pinch pot monsters have been started!!

Line vs. Shape

These 3-D owls were created from paper bags. We reviewed the difference between 2-D & 3-D and also texture.

2nd grade students were reviewing the difference between line and shape. We used their names, crayons, and watercolors for our subject!!

Intro to Color & Line

Kindergarten students have been working on color mixing, shapes, lines, and proper use of materials. 


First grade students reviewed the warm colors and were introduced to symmetry by creating these beautiful butterflies.