Monday, January 19, 2015

Holiday Art

Grinch portraits were completed by 3rd grade students. Below you will find abstract painted x-mas ornaments that were done by 1st grade students. Lastly, are still life x-mas ornaments completed by 6th grade students.

More Fall Fun

Fall reflections were created by 2nd grade students. 5th Grade students completed up close pictures of Indian Corn in water colors.

1st & 2nd grade abstract flags "Jasper Johns"

These were done in remembrance of Veteran's Day. Flags were completed on sheet music that students used during music class in preparation for our Veteran's Day Assembly.

Halloween Fun!!

Paper bag witches were completed by 2nd grade. Paper towel roll mummies were designed by Kindergarten. Pinch pot monsters were created by 3rd grade students. 

1st grade spider webs

1st grade students looked at what was needed to draw webs, outlined with glue, talked about color patterns and finished with 3-D spiders!!! Fun assignment!! 

Tape Skeleton

4th Grade tape skeletons!! The results turned out great! Students were amazed when the tape was pulled off of their pictures!! Will definitely try this assignment again!!