Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fold the Flock

School-wide participation in "Fold the Flock." Students folded 1,000 + origami passenger pigeons in remembrance of their extinction. 2014 marks the 100 anniversary date of the last surviving passenger pigeon named, Martha. Students also learned about the, "The Lost Bird Project" which is in remembrance of 5 extinct birds. All the pigeons folded hang within our library!! More pictures to come!

3rd Grade Matisse Study

Spring Collage-Drawing with Scissors

2nd Grade Monet Study


First Grade Fox Study

First grade created 2-D and 3-D foxes!!

4th Grade Coil Pots

Hand Built Coil Pottery- Love the results!!!!

5th Grade

Greenware pottery-Envelope Vases made from slabs
"More to Come"

3rd Grade Starry Nights

These were completed in oil pastel during a study of VanGogh.