Monday, May 13, 2013

Monet Water Lilies

2nd graders have been studying artist, Monet with a focus on "Water Lilies." Here are a few finished pieces!! A favorite lesson of mine to teach!!

Monet Review "Red Poppies"

Inspired by Monet's, "Red Poppies"
A few finished samples!!!

4th grade coil bowls

Some examples of this year's coil bowls!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Non-Objective Art

4th grade Non-objective art that contains only shape, line, and color!!

Repousse/Jim Dine

Students reviewed artist, Jim Dine and created these textured designs on metal.

Fall Leaves

5th Grade students used leaves for printing and then added color with pencils.

Water Color X-Mas Orn.

These works were completed with water colors. Very nice results!

Aboriginal Study

These works were completed during a study of Aboriginal art work. The bottom piece was a collaborative project completed by all students.

One Point Perspective

5th Grade one point perspective study in oil pastel.
They had great results!!

"Close" & Self Portraits

After an introduction to Chuck Close students took pictures and posterized the images in photoshop. Students had to graph the printed photo and their large  paper. Portraits were completed in pencil and charcoal and backgrounds were completed in oil pastel. They turned out amazing! Images did not photo the best under different lighting.