Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Origami, Modular Origami, & Kirigami

2nd grade students create these origami swans after reading "Tree of Cranes." I chose swans which are much easier than the crane.
Modular Origami flowers created by sixth grade. ( more to come)

Kirigami snowflakes also created by sixth grade students.


  1. My goodness they look tough to do! So much detail. Very pretty, though!

  2. Not tough at all when broken down into steps!

  3. Where can I find directions for the snowflake?

  4. You could probably google the directions however they are pretty easy.
    1. fold a square paper into a triangle two times
    2. with the point at the top draw about 6 lines or so going straight across starting on the folded side and stop before you get to the edge
    3.starting on the fold cut the lines and stop about 1/2 inch. from edge
    4. open up and pull two middle triangles together and tape try to keep rounded, flip it and pull the next two pieces together flip and repeat until all or taped.
    5. make 6 individual pieces and staple together
    I used 8 inch. squares. hope this helps and if you need a visual or need any more help let me know! enjoy!