Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cursive Characters

Third grade students learned to write their names in cursive. Using symmetry we placed names on the other side of paper and then turned them into a character.


First grade was introduced to symmetry through the study of butterflies. We began by reading, "My, oh My a Butterfly." We then used tissue paper and water colors to create symmetrical butterflies.

Shape vs. Line

Second grade students have begun comparing a shape to a line. We began by writing our names in capital letters. We then began painting by finding all the recognizable shapes that our letters made. Students continued until all shapes were splashed with a color.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Clay Ghosts

Third grade students are working on creating ghosts out of clay. We began by rolling out a slab and then wrapped it around a cone. Here are just a few finished pieces and works in progress.

Clay leaf prints

Students in Fifth Grade have begun the beginning process of their clay leaf projects. So far so good!!

Texture Review

Sixth grade students began this assignment by stacking the letters of their names in bubble letters. They next found closed in shapes and began adding texture. Very exciting to see how each individual student approached this assignment with the same directions!! Some are also still being worked on!