Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Introduction to Landscapes

Students viewed and discussed different landscapes and we then created our own!


  1. OOh these landscapes are beautiful. I love the freshness! So once I found these, I started exploring your older posts and saw your "pulled paint castles". I think they are gorgeous! Can you please explain how they were done? Thanks!

    By the way - I am a new art teacher blogger (not a new art teacher, just a new blogger) and I am trying to get my blog out there for people to check out. It's called There's a Dragon in My Art Room and you can find it at http://plbrown.blogspot.com/
    Please check it out and leave your comments, advise, critique, as I want to make it better!

  2. The pulled castles were completed by placing acrylic paint on the bottom of an 18x24 sheet of white paper using analogous colors. Students then pulled the paint towards themselves staggering the different heights using two different size mat boards. After watching a power point on castles and their characteristics they went back and added detail with permanent markers. They were so much fun and the kids just loved them.